Design Doxa is a subsidiary of Avaris IO, a digital marketing consultancy & service company helping some of the world’s most highly-valued startups improve their online presence leading to higher revenue. Design Doxa focuses on web design and development along with any tools related to website creation. We aim to equip web developers and design professionals in all manner of skills set (HTML5, CSS, Java, PHP..etc.) through providing helpful and relevant information from the latest industry trends to how-to guides and software resources.

Here are the topics we cover for new and aspiring developers and designers to hone their skill sets:

Responsive design

Web layouts


Web development

Web design

Graphic design

Mobile application design and development

User experience design (UX) and user interface (UI)

                                                                         Web and mobile app security

Online Marketing

We nurture both the creative and critical mindset of our readers so that they will produce work that inspires and innovates.

Our mission

Design Doxa is a hub where both web and mobile designers and developers can harness their capacity to create and innovate.

Core values

We believe in embracing change, pushing for ingenuity, and striving to achieve optimal user experience each and every time.  We never stop learning.

Our promise

To deliver fresh, reliable, and straightforward contents of modern web/mobile design and development professionals.

Meet the Design Doxa clan

“We are always at your back”

Aaron Chichioco

Chief Content Officer (CCO) | Co-Founder

“Your DETERMINATION to learn,

Is the DESIGN to reach


Hello there! Pleased to e-meet you! I will do my best to introduce myself in a “not-so-boring” manner. Please bear with me.. I am Aaron Chichioco, just one of the people behind the development of Design Doxa. I had my bachelor’s degree in information technology at Informatics International College, Philippines. Currently, I am the co-founder and the Chief Content Officer of Design Doxa. Web designing is my first love, but I found my second love just a few years back, and it’s WRITING! And I love to write about web/mobile design (Of course!), eCommerce, online marketing, brand development and business management tactics as well. Before becoming the CCO and web designer for Design Doxa, I used to be the operations supervisor of a Philippine-based BPO company in partnership with Amazon UK. Therefore, I also have years of experience overseeing the day-to-day operations of several online businesses in different countries.

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Emmanuel “Bong” Fornillos 

Senior Author | Editor

Hello! I am Manuel (you can call me “Bong”), the senior author and one of the editors of the Design Doxa team. My writing proficiency covers the topics about social media, digital marketing, technology and mobile applications. When I was younger, I fell in love writing my emotions through poems and as years gone by, I used my gift by making informative articles regarding new technologies to reach out my readers’ souls. When I’m not writing you’ll see me in my garden with my plants to refresh with nature.

Rizza Achaval 

Part-time Editor | Customer Support Representative

Hi there! Rizza here! I am the newest member of the Design Doxa family. My main purpose here is to answer your all your inquires and guide you through your web designing path. And because of my past experience as a ghost author, I have also been welcomed here as a part-time editor. 🙂 

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