Skill matching skills, gradually discovering the candidate’s personality, and building rapport with the job applicants are critical things recruiters consider when going through a talent acquisition process. But since there is a talent shortage for many skills, remote hiring is gaining popularity.

Whether a company is hiring remote developers for remote projects or the recruiter is sitting in a remote location, nullifying this distance for remote recruitment will be a crucial aspect. Since we have an array of remote conferencing and skill assessment tools, the challenges for remote hiring are far too low now.

Do you want to improve your remote hiring process with some tried and tested measures? Let us provide here some actionable tips for remote hiring.

Focus more on video interviewing

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

When the face-to-face connection is absent, video communication for interviewing candidates is regarded to be a great way forward. At the same time, we must remember that all are not comfortable facing the camera. On the other hand, video calling software solutions can face performance issues. When from India you are hiring app developers in Galway, you need to use stronger connectivity.

This is why recruiter professionals need to become masters of video interviewing. Here are a few valuable tips to put the recruiter and the candidates at ease.

  • Make your candidates informed during invitation about the information they are required to provide.  
  • You should always have a plan B ready if the connection unexpectedly crashes.
  • Make sure the interview is set up in a quiet space without any interruptions.
  • Have a detailed check of the gadgets, software, and connection before the call starts.
  • Make yourself available first before the candidate shows up.
  • Create ease of communication during the interview by having casual chit-chat.
  • Help the candidates to follow up with you quickly.
  • Make sure both ends have a secure and seamless network connection in place.

Discover talent with online hiring events

To be precise, job fairs are outdated and are no more reliable for talent acquisition. In case you are hiring multiple employees at a given time, it is better to host a virtual hiring event. You have a plethora of great job fair platforms such as Indeed and Brazen. ‍

Indeed mainly provides really efficient Virtual Hiring Events allowing you to make recruitment, screen, interview, and evaluate candidates within a totally online and virtual environment.

To take advantage of this popular method, just create a virtual hiring event and customize the settings. Secondly, choose the video interviewing platform. The platform offered by Indeed is really great. You can also use a third-party video conferencing platform like Zoom. Just a day before the event, you will be allowed to access the interview lobby to invite several other interviewers, and here you can set preferred greetings for the candidates and other attendees.

As soon as the event starts, you need to go to the waitlist to see the checked-in candidate list. Now you need to select any of the communication methods to carry out the interviews. At any point, you can get a summary of the participant candidates and their contact details.

Tweak the job descriptions as per remote job roles

When you are hiring a remote employee, you look for the skills to get the work done with complete peace of mind. It is very probable that you are hiring remote employees for job positions that used to be on-site earlier. There is also the probability that you are hiring for work-from-home job positions. For these different recruitment options, you need unique skills, and the hiring process and criteria should reflect this.

So, it is important to change the job descriptions for remote positions. The job descriptions for remote work include these six work-from-home skills.

  • Great written and verbal communication
  • Proactive personality.  
  • Capability to work with no supervision
  • Uncompromising work ethics.
  • Trustworthiness
  • Time management skills.

Get onboard the right software

A perfect software solution can make the remote recruitment process better and easier. Some recruitment software such as Jotform will also help you integrate the recruitment forms right within the company website. Using Jotform, one can build and custom-configure the job application form, interview questions, the schedule, etc.  

By using such software and recruitment forms, you can easily get rid of a load of repetitive tasks and back-and-forth communication for simple data collection. On top of that, by providing you with completed forms in electronic format, these software solutions will help save time spent on data input and data records.

Always go for the most well-equipped and feature-rich software to take care of everything right from interview scheduling, candidate assessment tests to carrying out video interviews.

Give attention to employee onboarding

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Even when the remote hiring process becomes a success and you have successfully hired the right talents for remote jobs, the employee onboarding process will guarantee the integration of the talent with your company in the right manner. In the case of remote hiring, you need to take extreme care about onboarding and should use different tools such as virtual meetings and remote conversations.

For the remote worker, you also need to make the company objectives clear from early on. The remote team should also carry out a review process to check the progress frequently during onboarding. Apart from that, the employee should be provided all technical support and an easy experience to catch up with administration.


Remote hiring is here to stay simply because the world is more connected than ever before. Especially after the pandemic, remote hiring is likely to be the rule of the talent acquisition process. But how well you can orchestrate the remote hiring process to get on board the best talents will be at the center of all attention.  


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