For those thinking about needing an online presence, munch on this measurement: 5.1 billion or 65.6% of the total populace have web access. Out of all the Content Management systems that SEO Digital Marketing Agency deals with WordPress is the most famous CMS, and it powers over 30% of sites.

As this site is becoming popular, the number of hackers has increased, and they are starting to target WordPress forums explicitly. Regardless of the type of content your site gives, you are not an exemption. In order to avoid hacking, some precautions need to have opted. As everything is related to Like innovation, you need to check your site security.

WordPress Footer

A Footer is the most ignored part of your WordPress site. As it is present at the bottom-most part, the footer might be scarcely recognizable for a few, yet it is an essential piece of one’s web marketing strategy. An ineffectively designed footer makes the site (and your organization) looks less expert and questionable. It can build or destroy a site’s general plan and construction

Importance of Encrypting WordPress Footer Links

WordPress Footers have links of the themes which are linked to the original creator or sponsor of that link. These links are encrypted because there are chances that they can be easily removed or deleted by the users. By encrypting them, they get hidden in the WordPress theme footer in a code that is then difficult for the user to locate. Other than deletion, there is an insecurity that the user might take the credit for the links. Encoding these links reduces the chances of such incidence.   

Tips for Encrypting WordPress Footer Links

WordPress Footer links are removed or deleted because the users can locate them without any effort. The plan is to hide these links by encrypting them in a footer, leaving the user unable to find them on the WordPress theme footer.

,Listed below are the two tips to secure these links. By following them, one can easily encrypt WordPress footer links. No doubt, these ways assure that none of the users will be able to remove, delete or take credit of these links leaving the original inventor barehanded.   

Tip #1. Footer.php File

Nowadays, most clients don’t need backlinks on their WordPress theme footer. They figure out how to alter the footer.php and eliminate the links incorporated by the original creator of that specific WordPress free theme.

The first tip is to search out the footer.php file in that theme which you have selected. Now open it in any HTML-capable program such as Notepad. All you need to do is to copy all this content by selecting it in the Notepad. Then, at that point, track down a free online coder and paste this text in the box and select ‘Encrypt”. What will happen is that your code will become confounded for individuals with little information on .php files to decode it. The next step is to copy this encoded file and open the footer.php file one more time. Remove the previous version of the code and paste the copied encrypted code. Save it and Give it a trial for checking whether it is working in the selected theme or not.

This strategy doesn’t need to work ultimately; however, it is one method of attempting to secure the backlinks of your footer. Users who are already mindful of these hacks will be well equipped to discover and eliminate these links. This will shield your links from hardly those who are newcomers. Yet, it surely merits an attempt. 

Tip # 2. Base64 Encoding

There are many benefits of encoding the footer links as nobody can be credited for those links they haven’t created. Along with the increase in the number of users, the number of backlinks is also rising tremendously. Users who know HTML programming can effectively eliminate these links and assume acknowledgment from the original maker of the links or, for some unknown reasons, erase them. The original creator ought to be more mindful and encode his WordPress themes footer links to safeguard these links.

The second tip to shield WordPress Footer Links by Encrypting is to bring a Base64 encoder into function. This encoder keeps the hackers out who are attempting to change your WordPress themes’ backlinks and credit links. For individuals who don’t comprehend or aren’t acquainted with the programming language, this strategy will keep them under control. However, if one needs to ensure his WordPress theme footer links, he can utilize the IonCube PHP encoder. One can search out their demonstration software with ease. 

Base64 encoding is an encoding system that takes a string of words and encodes it into a base64 grouping of characters. This arrangement of symbols is incomprehensible by the natural eye. There is numerous WordPress theme where the footer of the composition is encoded by utilizing Base64 encoding. Base64 encoding might have been done to secure the credit links in the footer.

In a nutshell, attempt different techniques to secure your footer links. Individuals will try to eliminate it; however, don’t allow it to debilitate you.


WordPress security is one of the pivotal aspects of a site. Encrypting WordPress footer links is one of the vital security measures. If we neglect and aren’t keeping up with our WordPress security, programmers can undoubtedly assault our site. Keeping up with our site security isn’t hard and should be possible by following the previously mentioned ways without spending money. Here would be a related content you’ll find helpful How is cPanel Incomparable for Shared Hosting?


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