The desperate times caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic will probably be over soon.  

From the most influential and super-rich countries to the developing countries of Asia and South America, the grip of the Pandemic and resulting lockdown made everyone suffer, including the businesses and people. 

But even in these chaotic times, we have seen the emergence of many successful startups. During the Pandemic, on-demand businesses making doorstep delivery and eLearning apps allowing people to learn new skills while staying at home has become popular. 

What are the most lucrative ideas to start a new business in countries where Covid-19 the second wave is still raging or the third wave seems to be imminent? Are you considering hiring remote developers to build a budget app for your business? Before considering this, it’s better to know and understand the apps that are proven successful during the Pandemic. 

E-commerce Apps

E-commerce apps during the Pandemic and resulting lockdown penetrated the consumer market in a never before way. Though e-commerce apps continued to be popular even before the pandemic and resulting lockdown became a global reality. But during the outbreak, e-commerce and mobile commerce apps only experienced an unprecedented rise in popularity. 

The best thing about these apps is that they emerged as life-saving solutions for people locked in the home. Thanks to e-commerce and mobile commerce apps, millions of people could get food, access necessary goods and get medicines. You can hire a smartphone app development company to build an e-commerce app and ensure steady business conversion if you have a retail store. 

As the Pandemic made many people experience the ease of making purchases online, the buying habit of many people was changed forever, creating more opportunities for e-commerce apps in the post-pandemic times.  

eLearning and Mobile Learning Apps

During the Pandemic, when schools are shut, and kids are stuck at home with no option but to study, online education flourished. Even the traditional schools embrace distant learning and video conferencing apps for carrying out classes remotely. 

Developing an eLearning app is always a great choice considering the popularity of distant and remote learning solutions, irrespective of the pandemic-led crisis. But in countries where the Pandemic is about to last too long because of the ongoing second wave and impending third wave of the outbreak, remote learning will continue to be the primary source of education. 

Do you want to know about the top app categories with the most promises? Here we provide a briefing on them.   

  • Language learning apps: People now depend more on learning new languages than the traditional courses and curriculums. A mobile app can offer an intensive and engaging way to learn new languages faster and more assured results. Some of the leading language learning apps that dominate the market now include Lingvist, Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Memrise and others. 
  • Remote tuition apps: Because of the Covid Pandemic, both students and teachers cannot attend classes physically, so remote tuition apps offered them an alternative way to continue their education. Tutors can now continue their lessons online. Some of the most popular apps in this category include VIPKID, HashLearn, TuTree, etc. 
  • Apps for special education: The disabled or physically challenged people now can learn new skills and gather knowledge despite the physical challenges thanks to these apps. Some of the most popular apps in this category include Otsimo, Rufus Robot, Montessori Numbers, etc. 

Fitness Apps

Fitness freaks and fitness conscious people are now growing at a rapid pace because of people’s urge to beat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle from taking a toll on their lives. Smartphone apps and smart wearables have emerged as useful tools to track fitness and health parameters continuously. 

If you are building a fitness app, you have to develop something unique and highly relevant that other fitness apps lack. A unique and supple user experience can be the key here. It would help if you also created fitness apps that perfectly meets the wearable experience as people tend to access fitness apps more from wearables. 

On-Demand Delivery Apps 

On-demand delivery apps are increasingly getting popular and gaining traction. From on-demand food delivery to delivery of medicines at the doorstep to delivery of grocery and essentials, on-demand apps during the Pandemic came to rescue people from hunger, deteriorating health and shortages of all types. Let’s describe some leading on-demand delivery apps. 

  • Grocery delivery app: Grocery and daily essentials that people regularly need for consumption at home were exceptionally high in demand during the lockdown. Many grocery delivery apps just shaped their growth story by catering to the needs of people at that time. 
  • Food delivery apps: Food delivery happens to be an evergreen app niche with a continuous surge of demands. The Pandemic that led to lockdown mainly gave rise to increasing demands for food and beverages. When restaurants and food joints were shut, people had to rely more on food delivery apps to fill their stomachs and satisfy their taste buds while sitting at home. 
  • Doctor’s appointment apps: During the Pandemic, people feared visiting hospitals and clinics for common ailments and diseases. In such trying times, they relied on on-demand doctor appointment apps to get quick medical help at home or nearby non-Covid-19 clinics for getting personal appointments with their specialist doctors. 
  • Pharmacy delivery app: Due to the contagion spread, people during the lockdown preferred to get the medicine delivered at their doorstep instead of visiting the local pharmacies. This is when pharmacy delivery apps became popular and catered to the medical needs of millions. 


These app ideas showcase the potential of the on-demand app economy and the apps for remote communication, collaboration and learning in a pandemic-led crisis. If your business became non-functional during the Pandemic led crisis, these app ideas can offer some direction to come out of the mess with something unique.


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