As Artificial Intelligence (A. I), an intelligence displayed by machines, devours the web designing industry, a lot of users became curious as to how it will change the future of web designing.

By 2020, the A.I market is expected to reach $153 billion; $83 billion will come from robots and the other $70 will be from artificial-based systems, as suggested by the recent study of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Furthermore, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks that those virtual robots, particularly powered by artificial intelligence, are set to transform the way of interaction between companies and their customers.

Google’s voice design and Microsoft’s Cortana are A.I that both aim to increase the level of interaction between users and artificial intelligence. It is now a reality and not just a simple tech buzz. It offers sophisticated web development when it comes to search engine optimization, marketing and web designing.

With A.I in web design, a positive outcome, such as quicker business conversion is expected. The web interface will now start to show some promotional offers, giving you a reason to purchase the product or follow the business plan instantly.

How Automated Web Builders Changed The Norms of Web Designing

The concept of using Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is not yet widely used these days. However, there are now websites using this technique and people are welcoming the changes very positively.

If you have tried designing a website, then you know how laborious it is. Having to deal with all those images that you need to use in your project is time-consuming. Consider as well the time spent editing fonts, content, coding, and all the other elements that are required to make your site design effective.

These are some of the things web designers had to deal with years ago. Through the help of A.I, however, work becomes a lot simpler and easier as the technology can automatically offer suggestions on how to improve your design.

Significance of A.I in Web Design

With the help of A.I, web designing has become easier to manipulate as designers no longer need to decide the layouts, schemes, images, and anything involved in the designing process. By analyzing user inputs, the software can now decide the right elements that will work best for user experience or social media engagement.

Designs are made easier through the use of A.I because it can decipher user preference based on their activities and interactions. A.I-powered design automatically crops images, as per the needs of users and intents.

Web content can also be customized with the help of this advanced technology. For example, knowing that a person has diabetes, the food website will promptly show diabetic recipes—something that might instantly get the user’s interest.

With the help of A.I, the web experience can be more engaging and customized as per the user’s needs and wants.

A.I Improve User Experience

Through the help of A.I in the design of websites, user preferences and moods are predicted accordingly. Marketers, on the other hand, can minimize their errors and win over the customer’s perspective. Even when marketers have to process a huge amount of information, they can still execute this properly and accurately with the aid of A.I.

A.I Predict Reply Better

Years back, communication between computers and users are never natural because the machines lack the ability to comprehend human emotions. Hence, they fail to send the right response.

However, with the help of A.I, chatbots became more effective, allowing a more precise communication and eliminating misunderstanding on both ends. Moreover, web users in the future will never have to deal with the difficulties in understanding because apps and websites will be more advanced and should predict replies accordingly.

Chatbots are becoming ‘the new thing’ nowadays, especially in industries like retail and healthcare, with the booming of the utilization of telemedicine. By implementing this solution, about 60% of issues encountered by customer service support are resolved through the help of self-service chatbots.

Popular Websites That Utilize Artificial Intelligence

Because users are starting to recognize the importance and usability of A.I in web design, a number of popular online stores and websites are incorporating it to provide optimal development at their user’s end.

  • The Grid

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One of the first companies to adopt artificial intelligence to web design is The Grid. They named it Molly. On their site, they introduced Molly as someone who has designed thousands of web pages, including the one that the site is using. Molly will handle all the designing work. All you need to do is choose options, answer questions, and provide some photos.

  • WordPress Plugins

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If you just recently heard about artificial intelligence and you think that it is just another craze in town that will go away on its own, then you are mistaken. A.I is, in fact,  being used by one of the most popular content management systems –WordPress. There are plugins that use A.I which aim to enhance the user experience in totality. A.I-powered SEO, human emoticon insights, A.I recommendations, chatbots, and those that correct typing errors. The Grid plugin is also available in WordPress.

  • Wix ADI

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Another popular website that uses A.I is Wix. They have their own Wix ADI that customizes your website. This has helped many users in developing an effective, yet hassle-free website.

The Exciting Future of Web Design Using A.I

Take a look at the evolution of the web throughout the years. The web has started to become a unique source of happiness, information, and convenience to people where they can shop, communicate with loved ones, start a relationship, reach out to the community, and get entertained.

Because of the significance of the web in our daily lives, users need and deserve to have a more engaging and responsive experience. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) that is now being used in web designs paved the way for brand new elements to take charge of the overall web experience.


There are a lot of improvements and developments happening in this modern era of digital technology and one of them is definitely the use of artificial intelligence. It might seem unreal at first; that is, until you have tried it yourself. You no longer need to be an expert web designer to design an effective, enticing, and user-friendly website, thanks to A.I who will be there to help you out. Share your thoughts below.

Aaron Chichioco

Aaron Chichioco is the chief content officer (CCO) and one of the web designers of Design Doxa. His expertise includes not only limited to Web/mobile design and development, but digital marketing, branding, eCommerce strategy and business management tactics as well. For more information about Aaron, visit our about us page.


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