Having other people take credit for your hard work is never fun.

Imagine being a photographer, you do what you have to do to take a great picture. You get on your knees, hold a position for a few hours, you endure the weather, and sometimes you risk your life to express yourself through a photograph that is worthy to be shared with the world. All of this sounds nice.

The only problem is that today’s advancement in technology has become a double-edged sword. Sure, it brings your work out into the world where you can reach people from all over the world, but it also opens the possibility for it to be used without consent. This is where copyrights come in.

Getting to Know the Copyright Symbol

A copyright is an exclusive legal right that an author, artist, publisher, musician, and other originators have over their work for a certain period of time.

A copyright notice can appear in three different ways. It is often shown in either the capital letter “C” inscribed in a circle, or it could be the word “Copyright” itself, and in some cases, the abbreviation “Copr.” is used. For sound recordings, the encircled “P” (which stands for phonorecord) is used instead of a “C.”

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When using the copyright symbol, it is usually followed by the year it is covered by the copyright and the name of the person who has legal rights to the intellectual property.

Appreciating That Little Thing

The copyright symbol may be written in fine print but it bears a lot of weight. This will serve as armor of the copyright owner. In cases of infringement, a work that has a proper copyright notice will be recognized by the court as legally owned by the name beside it, making claims of innocent infringement by the defendant null and void.

Tips on How to Put The “C” In Your Creations

If you’ve been wrestling with computers pretty much your whole life, you must know how to quickly pull up a copyright symbol from your sleeve and into your file. However, for those of you who keep on looking for the “Insert Symbol” option, here is a quick guide to help you out.

The Mac Way

If you need to use the copyright symbol on your Mac, press the “G” key while holding down the “Option” key. This will work in programs such as Keynote, Pages, Mail, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and many others.

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The Linux Way

If you are using a Linux computer, you’ll need to use a Unicode Code Point. These are a combination of the key “U+” and a set of numbers assigned to the character. For the copyright symbol, the code point is 00A9. The combination “U+00A9” gives you the copyright symbol. Alternatively, you can also use Shift + Ctrl + U then the code point 00A9.

If you have a Gnome Tweak Tool installed, enable the Compose Key and choose a key you want to use for the copyright symbol. If the code chosen for the copyright character is “oc,” for example, press the Compose Key followed by the code “oc.”

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The Windows Way

When working on a Windows computer, there are two ways to insert a copyright symbol into your work. The first is the use of a Unicode. For the copyright symbol, the assigned code is “0169.” First, hold the “alt” button then enter the said Unicode. The copyright symbol will appear right after you release the “alt” key.

Another way is to key in the combination “(c).” First an open parenthesis, the letter “c”, and a close parenthesis. This string will be automatically converted into a copyright symbol the moment you hit the spacebar, “Enter” key, or the “Tab” key. This function works with the Microsoft Office Suite programs.

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Those are the quickest ways to get the copyright symbol into your work. However, if you forget about these shortcuts, you can always check out the “Insert Symbol” in the software you are using. Programs nowadays are very user-friendly and will surely have this option.

To Sum Up

Being creative is fun, but it is also a lot of work. So it is only fair to credit ourselves with the work we have spent our time on. The Copyright Law, supporting a proper copyright notice, is one’s best armor against infringement and unlawful use of their work. So, whenever you are about to post your work online, do not forget the quick ways to add a copyright symbol to your work.

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